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Meet the Team

Our North Lincoln Team:

Deb Lockhorn, Dental Hygienist

Deb Lockhorn received her training at Hastings Central Community College. She has worked in the dental field since 1984 and began working with Dr. Howe in June 1986.

What she enjoys most about her job is the relationship with her co-workers and getting to know the patients.

“I love learning from them and teaching them about their home care.”

Aggie Gesch, Dental Assistant

Aggie Gesch graduated from the Dental Assistant program at Southeast Community College in 1974 and has maintained her CDA since. She is active in the dental assistant organization, having served as president on both the local and state levels.

Along with her husband Mike, Aggie volunteers every year for the Nebraska Dental Mission of Mercy, Share Clinics at The Dental College, and many other endeavors around Lincoln.

“I love working in the small dental practice and getting to know the staff,  but most of all, I love when a patient fully understands that home care can make a huge difference in what his or her future dental needs will be. “

Dee Hines, Dental Assistant

Dee Hines was trained as a dental assistant in our office. Prior to that Dee, a trained X-ray technician,  worked in the medical field for several years. “I now x-ray teeth!”

Dee worked for the practice outside the office for five years before coming to work in the office 13 years ago.

“I like working in the medical field. I enjoy the women I work with and their commitment to work hard and do what is right for each patient.”

Judy Rippe, Dental Assistant

Judy Rippe received her training at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Rippe has worked for three dentists in Lincoln and has taught dental assisting at Southeast Community College. She has assisted Dr. Paul Hansen in our office since the spring of 2008.

Rippe said, “I have such respect for the quality of Dr. Hansen’s dentistry, and this is the most unique office you can imagine — all these women who have worked so well together for so long.”

Toni Aksamit, Dental Assistant

Toni Aksamit’s former jobs included working as a Spanish interpreter through the Department of Health and Human Services and as a Guardian Angel in home health care.

She and her husband have six children and five grandchildren. Like her sister Terri, Toni is a runner who has completed two full marathons and three half-marathons as well as many other races. She also enjoys camping and biking.

“My favorite thing about working in Dr. Howe’s office is the ladies I work with and getting to work with my sister. I love the staff!”

Terri Gaffney, Receptionist

Terri Gaffney joined our staff as receptionist coming from an accounting background. She and her husband have five children and three grandchildren. Terri is an avid runner and has completed three half-marathons. She also enjoys camping and spending time with her family.

“My favorite part of my job is meeting and getting to know all the different people who come in to the office. They become a little part of your life! The women I work with have been unbelievable, and I especially enjoy working with my sister, Toni!”

Our South Lincoln Team:

Our York Team: